Service and guaranteed quality

Quality control

Andergassen Fruits

Safeguarding your quality requirements is our first priority. We ensure top quality products, freshness, variety and of course, an excellent service.
According to the guidelines set together with our produces, will control our products in terms of form, sorting, ripeness, pulp firmness and eventual left-overs of pesticides. In addition to that we put great attention to food safety, conservation as well as the working conditions of our employees.

Andergassen stands for best quality products.

Always on time delivery

Andergassen Fruits

In addition to a reliable supply, Andergassen will of course take care of the complete logistic services.
Local producers supply us daily with fresh products that are delivered on time by experienced food carriers to your destination.

Eco-friendly cultivation

Andergassen Fruits

The cultivation of products is subject to strict production conditions involving the choice of the production areas as well as that of the used crops. In addition to that, the use of natural measures ensure an ecological balance.
Producers must follow precise hygienic prescriptions which will be constantly monitored. Different application areas, such as personal hygiene, the building, harvesting and transport are also controlled.

Marketing and merchandising

Andergassen Fruits

A constant observation of the market together with a strict control of goods and a long standing relationship to reliable producers are main requirements in order to meet all of our customer's request.